entry serious.

status Facebook semalam,

"Does a great guy still need a compliment?"

and just now, i received this comment,

"Compliment make one feel appreciated and encourage them to progress. It can be in any form including that of smile, without which no one can survive. But the amount of compliment should be in proportion to the act. Excessive compliment is tantamount to humiliation".

and after reading this, i was like, "Oh no! Oh yes! OmaiGod! what should i reply? what should i say?" sangat terkejot bila dapat comment tu. it's very fascinating i couldn't say a word. it sounded so, err what's the right word? ilmiah, perhaps? yeap, sangat ilmiah bunyi itu. sangat tersanjung. entah, it's hard to describe. but one thing for sure, the one that posted this comment is a great guy. FULLSTOP.

current Facebook profile picture.

it's me, little ain~