to whom it may concern

Dear you,

thank you for everything that you have done for me and for my friends. frankly speaking, you have been a very good sister and a very good friend too, no doubt about that. but then, your good deeds and generosity is not a licence that permits you to talk about other people, especially my room mate. you always talk about people, you know. it wasn't my intention to make a big fuss of it in the very first place, but when you start to point finger towards me, trying to put all the blames onto me, i don't think i can take it. not this time. not anymore. you blamed me for things that you did. it's not good. it reflects that you can't take other's opinions and criticism. that's you. i can't take it when every time we meet, you always find something bad to say about my room mate. hello, she's my room mate! which part of her that caused you trouble? i don't know what is so bad about her. she cares for me. and at least, she's not hypocrite. you know, all this time, we never have the guts to say it to your face, because we respect you. we listen to every single word you have to say about your feelings, about your pathetic love life, about guys, about what a loser you are, about everything. but you never respect us. never listen to us. and now, since you have the guts to say it to my face, i guess i have to spit everything back to you. the issue here is not about me, showing my true colors and what not. if that is what you think about me, you should know that i am more than capable of saying every mean word straight to your face because it's me. i am mean. but due to respect, i didn't. i just keep it to myself. but it's okay. i'm sure, you will be talking about this forever. but it's none of my concern, because you always talk bad things about people. now i know why people don't make friend with you. now i know why people despise you. i'm glad when my room mate confronted you. it's a right thing to do. i hope you'll change after this. please change, for you own good. if not, you'll never know. i know we won't be in talking terms anymore after this. and you just have your room mate to talk to after this. the one that you always say this and that to us. never ending. never been good enough for you. you talk about my room mate when you are with me. then, you talk about me when you are with her. in fact, you talk about our friend too. someone who is very close to you, the one that patiently listening to your stories all this while. you never know how to appreciate people, don't you? you and your never ending complaints about everyone, because you think you are the best. i know you won't be reading this. but if you happen to see this post, i really want you to know that i thank you for everything, for your good deeds especially. we can still be friend thou you talk behind my back. well, that's normal, isn't it? i feel sorry for you. everything you did for me are fully appreciated.

Yours sincerely,
Nur' Ain Zulkefli.