nothingness #2

Assalamualaikum :)

hai, it's me again. writing this entry from Perpustakaan Sultanah Bahiyah, UUM Sintok. wahhh sangat best student okayy. haha perasan! the purpose of coming to this beautiful library is actually to do some research about this one thesis for Research Methodology class, which the thesis is obviously not mine because i didn't write a thesis. hehe :D it's my lecturer's. and i copied his work as if the thesis is mine. haha. kejam sungguh. no lahh. we copied the thesis of course, but we did some changes so that it doesn't look like we do plagiarism. but i couldn't find the findings. rather than searching very hard for the whatever things that i have to search about, here i am, sitting here and do some tumblr-ing and browsing every here and there. hehe. whatever it is, i have to go now. it's 2.30pm already. the office is open now and i hope they are ready to give me their very best customer service after having their lunch. because if not, i'm gonna kick their *** off  as i am so hungry and i have been waiting for them for the past one hour. so, better treat me well. so before i leave, i'm gonna share with you these two photos which i took from tumblr. they are my favorite. i swear to God they are gorgeous! :)

p/s : ignore the grammatical error, please!

until next entry, chin chau! 

it's me, little ain~

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gaung said...

argghh i see now. u want to diet rite??