Assalamualaikum! :)

hai orang kampong! omaijay. it's been weeks since i posted my last entry, isn't it? well, that's pathetic. i know. and i'm truly, deeply, madly sorry about this. soo sorry for abandoning my cik belog and of course, for abandoning you guys, readers of always you and i. errr that's a very dramatic statement. overacting speech from me. bese la tu kan, cakap gediks. aww nyah! hehe :D okay enough! that doesn't look intelligent i swear to God, ain. FINE!

secondly, a bunch of thank you for my new readers. that's very kind of you to drop by and to follow this abandoned belog of mine. i hope you enjoy reading my piece of writing, thou nothing's special about me, really. thank you so much, okies!

well, what am i going to talk about today? i'm afraid i have so many things and i do mean MANY things to tell you ladies and gentlemen, but i don't have the courage to write everything because i'm afraid i might puke in order to finish up writing this very so-long-but-not-so-interesting stories of mine. again, this is very pathetic. huhu ~

anyway, i'm not planning to spend my evening thinking about what i should write and what i shouldn't. what am i gonna do is, i'll just tayang a photo of mine, taken by Lilohoney last Tuesday and that's it for today. okay? hehe! :)

love you, readers!

bye :D

it's me, little ain~