I pray

i wish i could write as good or even better than these two people.

i adore their ways of expressing thoughts and ideas in words and sentences.

they are my TESL friends by the way.

this post is dedicated to my lovely chubby moon and handsome syahmi.

your posts make my days brighter :)

i wish i am better than you both.

with love.
it's me, little ain~

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AJ Nismihan said...

U will


trust me, when you spill the word with your honest and pure soul, you will get the best within you.

they are great at some point,
trust me, that you have some great within you; wait for yourself to find out and shout 'hey, there you my lovely soul!'

maybe i just get overboard, but honestly i believe that to be true.


Syahmi said...

I'm speechless. i am sooo touched by this! :))) thanks ha cik ain! :)

little ain said...


huhu kira aku diva la kan sebab boleh buat hang touched. ngeee :)

serius, aku tak tipu. aku jeles.

little ain said...

aj nismihan

i forgot to say that i adore yours too :) those words. they are so beautiful.

i used to think that i was one of them too, i mean people like you. but you are different. truly different. your words make me think a lot. trying to think what you are trying to say. in depth.

thank you for your lovely words. i'll do my best to find the best in me :)

AJ Nismihan said...

aku dulu bukan siapa-siapa
masih bukan siapa-siapa

cumanya, seperti yang aku bisa bisingkan,
yang aku bisikkan bisa hilang. Maka, biarlah aku menconteng di cermin berdebu ini; tinggal, buat kalian renung. Sekupang dua itu saja yang mampu aku kongsikan;itupun kalau mahu.

aku masih kecil marhaen yang kosong mengendong guni2tak berisi sambil berkaki ayam di pinggir jalan.
mana tahu, ada secubis dua lebih makanan yang boleh aku tumpang.
ada sepatah dua kata-kata manusia yang beterbangan di angin lalu buat aku kutip simpan.
kalau semuanya tidak ada,
aku jadi kaku, dan berdiri memerhati dunia.
mana tahu, ada satu dua subjek baru untuk aku simpan buat anak-anak aku di rumah.

sama kan kita ain.
kita tak lebih dari marhaen yang lemah.
dan sesekali belajar dengan yang lebih rendah duduknya dari kita; dan kadang dari yang tinggi dirinya dari kita.
itu saja.

above all, The Almighty Allah is evrything


moon said...

ainnnnn, how thoughtful. ain numbers proved ur blog is much better, (followers ok) haha. writing need not to be forced yang penting suka dan ikhlas. :)

eh aku agree dengan kau part aj. sorry to interrupt but he's one of a kind.

little ain said...


numbers are not important because they are just numbers. what i meant is, i just adore your english, u both.

don't be humble. you can have your own followers if you want to, but you just don't want, kan? so, the least i could do is to put yours in mine and link it, so that people can go, and see how good u are.

as for aj, indeed he is. i havent answered his previous comment. truly one of a kind.

i'm not sure whether it's a he or she. i dont want to know. i might fall if i know that it's a 'he'.


moon said...

aah kan, betul jugak. might be she? haha. but whoever he/she is, yang penting content kan kan. haha, tak berkaitan.

eh, syami punya english tak tertanding hebat. hoho. aku tak setanding. and ain, aku amek english so this is the only thing yg guarantee d future, dan kalau kau in d same stream u can do better than me kot. :)