make me laugh and happy

it's been two days. i've been watching prison break, and now i'm done with season one LOL. i know, some of you might be laughing out loud reading this. well, i am wayyy outdated you know. with schools and universities all these years. so, i didn't get the chance to get to know this green eyes guy closely. heee :D 

you know, the more i watch it, the more curios i'll be. i want to know whatever happen next and next and next. it's killing me. i sometimes get too emotional i have to admit but not over-acting. heeee :) when it comes to the saspen-saspen scenes, i just can't sit and watch silently. i'll hit the pause button and go head banging to release tension. ha ha! :)

for the past one week, i did nothing good to the family, especially ibu. because i didn't bother to move my *** helping her in the kitchen and whatnot. what i did is just sit inside my bedroom, have a sip of teh o panas and stare at the moving creatures inside my laptop screen. i feel bad about myself, but there's nothing i could do about it. i can simply count how many times i'll move from the chair since i woke up until one or two in the morning, when it's time for me to go to bed, crawling for my comforter. 

not only that, i haven't finished working on my Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows and haven't even get the chance to lay my fingers on Tony Parson's. yet.

i think i'm going to loose my weight if i constantly carry on with my new-so-not-healthy-daily-routine. ibu didn't say a word about it, as long as i perform my duty as a Muslim. that matters the most, isn't it? what else i am going to do anyway. i usually not into movies. i prefer reading the most. but now, i guess i'm going to need a little change for this  holiday, because i'll need at least weeks to finish all the four seasons.

i haven't got out from the house since the day i got here. it's been ten days now. it's raining anyway, no way i'll be awayy from house. but then, i'm going to see my besties this Thursday no matter what. ohh, i can't wait for it! we didn't meet during hari raya (both) and now, it's time. i can't wait for another five months to see them.

speaking of which, i'm happy for my babies, kak anish and fiza. because at last, they made it! to see each other again, after 2 years and a half. i'm so happy for you, honey! and i'll make sure that we will find a right time to see each other again okayy, the four of us. we'll be chit-chatting until morning. and we'll be making memories again, yeayy!! i miss you guys, so so much! :) jum gi Anggerik Deli. nak?

my sayangs! :) jeles nak mati. *head banging* you too look gorgeous.

until next time.

i'll be in touch, readers :) *errrr??*

miss the two of you.
little ain~

9 peeps' gossiping:

FzaIbrahim said...

mish u too dear.
de rezki jmpe rmai2 tau! :)

little ain said...

InsyaAllah! :)


anish said...

AAAAAAAAA sukenyaaaaa! tengs dear! :') missss you alottt!

Ariffin Janal said...

takoyaki ! lame tak mkn seyhhhh~

little ain said...

huuuu suke jugak! tapi jeles lagi banyak. muehehe :)

rindu kak anish jugakkk! :))

little ain said...


same here. last makan dulu kat mid. dua tahun lepas kot. grrrr

kahirie said...

im very hebat too skeaping like that...kui2

Judiene said...

Hey there Little Ain.
Finally I managed to find your blog and follow it.
You haven't watch Harry Potter yet?
Although some people might sit back and yawn after half of the movie, but I think the movies was great.
Go and see it!


little ain said...


haiii! hihihi :) so excited to see you here.

i actually have watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows on Nov i guess. it was great!! heee :) but i prefer novels the most. they are fantastic and fascinating you know.

how did you find me, anyway?