Give Away From the 7th

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contest end : Jan 31st 2011

i'm craving for the 7th Muffins because i'm a very big fan of muffins. in fact, my gorgeous-aeron aziz-look-alike cousin called me muffin and cup cake since i was kiddo until now because i have this round fatty chin. muffins drive me crazy with its tempting smell that i can't resist. one thing that i love most about muffins is because they come in various sizes and colors. super cute and mouth watering.  

readers, feel free to join this contest. it's simple and only takes few minutes to finish the slogan. happy trying! :) 

it's me, little ain~

10 peeps' gossiping:

The 7th said...

thanks for joining dear! ;D

Keep going on spread this out as we are increasing our prize if the contestant approach 50, hence the bigger chances for you to win!

Happy muffins all.

with love,
-the 7th

little ain said...

you are most welcome.

p/s : kalo menang, nak muffins topping almond. heeee :D

faiq said...

aku pun nak gak, kalo ko mng :)

little ain said...

huhu. mintak mintak menang :)


aleen aiden said...

kite share 50-50 keyh nnt.hak2

fyda razak said...

gudluck !

little ain said...


huhu! join la sekali contest ni yang. simple seh.

p/s : nanti kite meet up, pastu makan ni banyak banyak okayy :)

little ain said...


thank you! :)

Chaireel Azizee Mohamed @ Ayub said...



little ain said...

muffin best.