a farewell

holla :) it's been five days since my last entry. isn't it? 

well, i'm home now. got here this morning. abah picked me at the bustop and i was sleeping all the way home. 

i want to congratulate myself for successfully completing another happy painful semester. and next semester, is going to be the final one, InsyaAllah.

speaking of final semester, last night was the last night for kak eton in uum. she has finished her study for 2 and half years only, you know, diploma people. it was a tearful night, last night. for me, and the others, especially for her roomate of course lilohoney, ezlin, afy, and the others. i went to ezlin's room to say goodbye and there she was, hugging and kissing everyone in the room. and there everyone was, crying and sobbing. so, i stepped back and went to lilohonoy's room instead. i was afraid i couldn't bear the feeling, so i wanted to see her first. when i got inside her room, she was crying. well, i guess i'd make a wrong move. huhu!

so, i went back to ezlin's room and say my goodbye to everyone. but i know, there's no way for me not to hug and kiss kak eton. we faced each other. when she hold my hand. i was fighting hard inside. i tried so hard to fight the feeling, holding back the tears until my lips trembled and my body started to shake real hard. it was awful you know. i couldn't control myself. it was embarrassing. ha ha! :) so, we hugged and kissed and say our goodbyes. 

kak eton, she is sweetish. so tender and motherly-type. a very mature yet funny one. she cared about us a lot. always makes me smile with her jokes and everything. what's not to love about her? but still, she has to go. i pray for her happiness and success in her practicum, career *someday*, love life though she doesn't have one, but she will :), and everything. nanti kalo dah kawen, jangan lupa jemput.

as for lilohoney, good luck for next semester with your new whoever future room mate. i'm sure you can cope and adapt in no time. you have me. you have us. so, don't be sad okayy. your room is still and always be my favorite room for story-telling, gossiping and laughing and even to cry. you know you always be the one that i can always count on to. 

kak eton and lilohoney.

until tomorrow. bonne nuit, everyone. 
sleep tight.

best wishes,
little ain~

10 peeps' gossiping:

hiro said...

merdekaaaa...ade mkwe sinto single x? haha

little ain said...

kak eton single :)


Pakcu said...

turut merasa sedih...sob2

LiLohOnEy said...


tengs a lot dear..

i was crying till 3am on that day u know..

cant stop thinking of her..

i miss her damn much..

u have no idea how lonely i am with her voice everywhere in my room :'(

thank God i have all of u by my side :')

little ain said...


baiklah :)

little ain said...


i know i know. it must be so hard, real hard, isn't it?

for the past 2 and a half years, we were together. especially you, as her rumet.

but u know, u guys went thru a lot of things. the tears, and the laughter that u shared together. hold on tight, and make believe that she won't forget us, forget u.

time heals, okayy :)

Heidi Shafiq said...

haha.. ok sgt sweet ko ni.. :)

little ain said...

which part yang 'haha' ehh? kitorang touching tau malam tu.

a tearful night indeed.

err, kalo vampire takot kat sunlight, im afraid of crying. and that's what i did all the time. hate it. huhu!

thanks for dropped by by the way.

LiLohOnEy said...


gambar tu private taw..

curik xckp ehh ;p

little ain said...

hehehe :)

kang ain letok caption dh bawoh tu. hikhikhik :D