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hai there :)

hehe, i promise you with all of my heart that this is going to be the last entry that i'm going to post. this is the third one for the day. ohmaigucci, ain. what have you done? i'm sure abah won't be so proud knowing me doing this. 

i'm still in the middle of exam weeks, and i got seven days gaps, only one more to go. and i filled those gaps with non beneficial activities. well, i kill the time by reading academic books (not) novels. i went to alor star with the purest intention ever on earth, to seek for knowledge. what did i do? i bought novels as i keep mentioning here and there. why did i say so? because i desperately am trying to improve my English. my very bad English.

anyway, enough with the introduction. the post is actually dedicated to miss nini, as i was tagged by her yesterday. so, here we go.

i love blogwalking because i love to read other people's piece of work. it gives me some idea on how to work on my own, but i don't do plagiarism. sometimes i do blogrunning instead of blogwalking, due to time constraint. blogwalking somehow opened my eyes to see the world through other's perceptions. people can be very unique in their own ways, and it does make sense. i believe by blogwalking gives me knowledge both, directly and indirectly. by writing, people express their thoughts freely. it symbolizes many things, if you know what i mean. and i can honestly say that some of the writings are too good to be criticized. it is not just an ordinary writing, but i truly believe it is more than meets the eyes. good luck bloggers! :) 

next to be tagged,
bloggers and readers. feel free to do this tag :) 

p/s : abah, i've packed my things. i'll be going home on Friday. and i've studied. *i must not tell lies* hehe :D

enough then. i should go.

it's me, little ain~

3 peeps' gossiping:

Pocket said...

walk around and stop to read sometime,

sila lah baca n pahami,
komen yang ikhlas,
bukan untuk pancing reader jer :D

tak perlu comment sampai 68 page semalam.
12 page yang penuh makna jer dah cukup.

little ain said...

well, InsyaAllah i'll remember that :)

a good tip, ain't it?

p/s : thank you for dropped by.