another tag


i've been tagged, by fami. so, i don't want to beat around the bush with introduction and everything. i'm just going to go straight to the point and answer everything okayy. plus, i got another tag from mimi. i want to settle them up so that i can post another entry. so, here i go.


"Once you have been tagged,you are supposed to write a note with 25 random,things,facts or goal about the end,choose 25 people to be have to tagged the person who tagged you.if i tag you,its because i want to know more about you."

  1. i've been with my cik blog for 1 year, 10 months, 2 weeks, and 2 days.
  2. currently watching Vampire Diaries. lovelovelove!
  3. J.Co yogurt ice-cream is the best ice-cream ever.
  4. i'm Nur' Ain binti Zulkefli. it means cahaya mata.
  5. i can be mean sometimes and sarcastic as well.
  6. i have twitter account. and i love it! hehe :)
  7. i have best-boy-friends. they are awesome. 
  8. i'm grumpy, hot-tempered and blablabla. 
  9. i'm half terengganu and half kelantanese.
  10. not a shopaholic, but a big spender. 
  11. Gucci Rush is my favorite perfume. 
  12. a weeper, a whiner. grrrr T_T
  13. a very big fan of Harry Potter.
  14. university's athlete *muntah*
  15. i love Toblerone very much!
  16. i miss my besties TESLians.
  17. gila Starbucks. huuu T.T
  18. i love my abah so much!
  19. i eat a lot, believe me.
  20. book novelworm. 
  21. straightforward.
  22. i love ibu too :)
  23. i'm fat.
  24. i'm me!
  25. with ♥
to be honest, i took hours to finish this tag. thank God i manage to find 25 random facts about me. 

next to be tagged:

- fammiey *the one who tagged me*
- kak anish. thou you're busy with the 30days project, but you love tag. kan?
- and others, feel free to do this tag. i'm not sure if any of you, (apart from these people that i've mentioned above) love to do tag. so, you can finish this tag, and tag me again so that i can get to know something about you. :)

it's me, little ain~

2 peeps' gossiping:

anish said...

oh tengs! hee :)

paling suka num 2,4,9,15 n 16! <3

little ain said...


you are most welcome! =)

me too me too :)