no worries. i'm fine.

this is not a good post i'm afraid.

i didn't do well for my microeconomics paper this evening. i hate economics subjects as much as i hate body-odor. but i never meant to do very badly in my final exam as this will affect my result and my future very much.

i know i didn't study hard, but still. and i don't want to put the blame on time as this is my own fault. i know. and i feel bad and pathetic. omG!

and i am so not in mood at this point of time, plus with the home sick mode that i least want to experience by now as i have other things to do.

and i need to take a nap because my heart starts to ache so much for only-God-knows-why, my heart is pounding with fear, my hands are trembling, and i am trying so hard to fight the tears.

emo. tak boleh blah ain!

it's me, little ain~

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Fza.ithu.Zazha said...

patient dear..
jgn down sgt.
please do better in ur next paper.
what is left behind, let it be.
u can't do anything anymore aite?
so just move on. prepare for ur next paper okies..?

♥ n miss u.


little ain said...

still got paper tommorow and the day after tommorow.
huuu stress gile-gile tadi.

yap. moving on to the next paper. i really need to work hard after this.

thank you for those precious words.

♥ and miss you too three four :)

anish said...

o tamao sedey2 ain syg..
yang da lepas, takley nk bwat ape da..doa byk2 tawakal k my dear :)

misae, miss u too!

little ain said...

i should not sad la kan. salah sendiri. lepas ni nak semayang hajat banyak-banyak, mintak Tuhan tolong. hehehe :)

♥ untuk kamu jugak!

no92a said...

mikro je la ain..aku failed je pom..hope jumper next clas lah..

little ain said...

NO WAY! pray for me okay.