new photo cube. hehe :)

Good Morning Malaysia :) rise and shine every one!
*padahal aku je yang baru bangun mase ni*

huhu :)

in spite of the fact that i felt so tired last night due to daily routine that i have to give my hundred one percent commitment to, which is taekwondo training for masum 2010 and after burning the midnight oil, i did some blog-walking to see if there was any new entry posted. and yes, deary fiza has posted one, story mory about final examination. and yes, we have been facing the same final exam with different subject of course, at the end of every semester and this is our 6th time already :) can't believe this is our 3rd year of university life. heh.

so, while i was scrolling her blog, the cursor *not me* accidentally clicked at her photo cube at the right-hand corner of the blog. then a new tab was opened and revealed it's content. and ahhha! i followed the instructions and tat tat taraaaa.. i have my own photo cube now! hehehehe :)

it has been there, in fiza's blog since her early involvement in blogger if i'm not mistaken. but i just didn't give any attention to it *but i did say, cantek! :)*, as i don't have the intention to have one to be put inside mine because my corner is not as lovely as hers, nor as cutiey as kak anish's. but still, i am always listed in kak anish's list for award. hahahaha love it, love you! ngee :)

so, i guess that's it. i just wanted to tell fiza about the photo cube thingy as i did some plagiarism here. hehehe :)

better make my move now. need to do some laundry, or else i will end up with no clothes. for training. hahahaha!

microeconomics is waiting in line. calling my name out loud in order to keep my bum glued on the chair.

same boring daily routine. *sigh* tulun tulun

another two semesters to go. then i'll be free, as free as a flying bird :)

it's me, little ain~

6 peeps' gossiping:

mimi dyana said...

ain, comel la cube tu.
haha, siap bole kite pusingkan lg.
*jakun jap*

little ain said...

hahaha :) tuan punye cube dua kali ganda plus plus lagi jakun sebab tatau pon kite boleh pusingkan mende alah tu. hahahahaha!! gelak besar kat diri sendiri.

hiro said...

ice cube tueee..megatron cari.

little ain said...

hahahaha^^ meh la megatron melawat cik belog ni :)

nanti betol die datang, mau gak takleh nak tulih belog dah. nanges cheq. :)

thanks cik hiro sudi singgah.

Fza.ithu.Zazha said...

bru pasan ini entry.
hehey! same lah. ngee..
suka! suka! :)

little ain said...

hohoho :) tiru kamu la misae. suke, comel jek~