no feelings. at all.

selamat hari selasa.

terjage dari tido sebab dapat msg. *ngee* tibe-tibe rase bahagia. vavava~ sengal ain! thank you budok busuk for inviting a smile in me :P

hari ni takde kelas. boleh la nak bermalas-malas atas katil lame-lame sikit. petang ni ade event kat litar. bukan ape pon, cume bengkel si syuk tu je. "how to manage circuit and karting".

then, tengah dudok bermalasmalasan tu, aku tibe-tibe teringat kat status aku kat face book semalam dan kelmarin. entah apesal mengasak otak segala untuk berfikir.

yang first aku tulis;

"a person once told me, "why keep friends for foes in distance when foes-turn-friends can be sitting next to you and next thing you know things are much better and better. hahaha. ironic, isn't it? because now, we are no longer friends."

the second one, which i posted last night, was;

"and the same person told me that he can't do a thing without me and wanted to stay with me and wanted to grow old with me and he was just lying."

itulah die. herm. pastu agakla beberapa komen yang aku dapat kan. nak-nak untuk status kedua ni. HAHAHAHA =) aku rase lawak dan nak gelak. sebabnye kan, diorang sume mesti dan wajib ingat aku kene tipu dengan lelaki yang bertanggungjawab berjanji dengan aku segala ni kan.

tapi sebenarnye, bukan itu yang berlaku. seriously. bukan. herm. how do i say this eh? nak kene storymory la pulak nih. bukak balek buku lame. huhu^^

he WAS a friend of mine, and no longer la kan sekarang. die yang dudok cakap mende alah tu sebabnye, mase tuh, we were so close together. share everything, makan same-same, buat tu, buat ni, but to be honest, NO FEELINGS INVOLVED. and in fact, aku tak pernah suruh die janji sebab aku tau kitorang memang kawan. no heart feelings. tiada.

die je yang cakap macam tu. maybe in the sense yang die ingat kitorang akan jadi kawan forever la kot. mase tu la. but unfortunately, no. he destroyed everything and i choosed not to be his friend anymore :) to be perfectly frank, it's okay for me. truly okay.

i have lots of other friends, who treat me better and they cherrished me, and appreciate me, and willingly to lend their shoulders for me to cry on, that i can always count on to, that love me unconditionally and never ever thinking of take things for granted.

idea untuk post status yang segala bagai tu jadi bile aku bukak balek henpon lame aku yang terkubor layu ni haa. saje buat misi mencari dan menyelamat msg-msg yang tertinggal kat dalam henpon tu, lepas aku terdelete sume msg dalam inbox henpon cap ayam yang aku tengah gune ni. mase tu la aku jumpe msg die yang SETAMBONG ni. haih. and i did cried as a matter of fact. but i swear, i fought the tears, try my best to hold them. but still, i failed. because i know once i start, then i dont know how to stop. but you know, it's good to do some reminiscing sometimes, just to remind yourself.

and now, it has been almost a year, we dont talk to each other, rarely see or bump to each other. but if we did, i can just look at him in the eyes. confidently. i don't feel uneasy nor affected. i am doing fine. and i know, so do u. it's good, isn't it?

life has to go on. loosing a friend never means that you won't get any replacement. in fact, a better one is waiting in line. be nice to people, and they will, in return, be nice to you :) make lots of friends and ignore the one that don't appreciate you, that don't treat you the way a friend deserves to be treated.

so. i would like to thank all of my friends, for always be there for me, whenever i need you. for always mend the broken heart. for always be the shoulders to cry on. accepting me for who i am, and not because of my appearance and whatsoever. i have nothing to give you except my unconditional love, and respect. and i just can't imagine and never ever want to imagine loosing any of you, again.

to the ex-friend that i am writing this for, i just want to say this, do appreciate your friends because they are too precious. it's not easy to get real friends but always be easy for you to find the just-play-around one. and after you realize all these things, i'm sure you'll promise yourself not to take anyone or anything, in this perfect little life, for granted. ever again.

thank you afy for this. p/s. i love you and friends ;)

it's me, little ain~

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anish said...

saye sayang ain. so much. :) hehe

little ain said...

sayang kamu jugak kak anish ^^