thank you kak anish :)

=) harus memulakan entry ni dengan senyuman. sebab ape? sebab dapat award.

ngee~ setelah sekian lame dapat award yang terakhir, ni lah pertama kalinya untuk sem nih. thank you kak anish for giving this award to me. and of course, thank you for reading and drop by and leave comments. i appreciate that. but not only to kak anish, but for all who view my blog.

so, since i got this lovely thing from a deary friend of mine, kak anish, then i would like to pass this award to some people who are also dear and near to me:) just to let them know that i appreciate them, and of course i did dropped by and read their posts even though i didn't leave any comments.

so, these are 13 people who i would love to pass this award to :

kak anish *again*ngee~


kak shakirah
kak pirah








bro nizamsani

dan akhir sekali,

inchek mohd faiz bin abas

so. 7 things about little ain zulkefli.

.: i love to smile :)
.: i am so into novels.
.: i am a big fan of kebaya.
.: i am a big spender. shopaholic one :(
.: i am hygienic and always looking for perfections.
.: i am crazy for camping, water sports and taekwondo~
.: i love blogging. dunno why. but when it comes to lazy season, i post nothing. huhu :)

and i love reading your blog. keep updating oke :)

p/s : kak anish, i did some plagiarism here. hope you don't mind oke. ngee~ love you!

it's me, little ain~

4 peeps' gossiping:

Fza.ithu.Zazha said...

thnx syg.. :)

little ain said...

most welcome :)

anish said...

ehe tomeilah kamu nih. haha :)
tengs again jugak. sayang ain. sayang fza! ^^ *nmpk kmu di atas.

siyes rindu korang. :)

little ain said...

hahaha^^ buat plagiarism pon dapat puji tomei. gagaga~ *sayang kamu berdua!*