commitments di pagi hari

no "good morning" for me as i know today is going to rain,maybe very heavily.
i'm on my sis bed and post this new entry and i havent performed my suboh prayer yet. i really am sleepy. i cant sleep last night and i dont have any idea why. my eyes look terrible and the eye-bag could be clearly seen. and to my surprise,i was thinking about every single problem on earth! what am i doing?

dan tibe2 idea untuk berkarya sangatla banyak dan mencurah2 seperti cokelat yang mencurah2 ke ladang gandum *huhu* then slowly i stepped out from the room,and i took my laptop from kak shakirah's room and went inside the other room back. tp sengalnye,die tamau on pulak! mungkin sbb soket kot. i dont know la kan. *sigh*. if only whatever my heart says last night could be captured into photos,it will be nice. if only whatever my heart says could be printed out,i'll put all those beautiful words in a wonderful frame and hang it in my room so that i could see it. if only...

i was working very hard last night,seriously. my handphone hadnt stopped receiving new text messages and my inbox hadnt stopped receiving new emails. this is all because of that gempaq sukan siswi and permata terengganu family day thingy. and now i realise that it would be wiser if i just stay there and finish my work. oh my God! and i didnt have good rest last night and i woke up early in the morning and i'm typing this new entry and i'm going to shah alam this morning. and i'm sure tonight,i'll be working hard again,make calls and emailing those people. *sigh*

i love my work,i do. biro informasi dan penerbitan for permata. i've been holding this post since last semester which i dont know what to do and whatsoever *abg jabar pnye fasal sume ni*. and i havent done anything as our semester programmes were all cancelled. and now i realise how hard the work is. i need to do all those tags,banners and posters design and bla bla bla. not to mention that i am holding the same post for gempaq sukan siswi,mpp pnye project. things are getting tougher each day. but thank God i have abg hilmi's magic touch. but still it's hard because i'm the in-between person. which means everytime he sent me the design via email,i will forward it to the pengarah projek and ask for her comment.

i hate commitments. any type of commitments. *itu ape yang aku selalu sangat cakap*. tp sekarang ape yang sedang berlaku? i'm doing my job enthusiastically :D i think it's funny but trust me i have never claim them as my own great job,they are all his. it was just because i know i've put my efforts for these two projects. and there's nothing on earth will make me feel happy until these two projects ended succesfully.

i think i need to take a nap now or i may end up sleeping at the bus stop or at the ktm station later *hahahaha* i cant wait to see shah alam again and not to be forgotten,i'm going to my faculty of education in seksyen 17. and again,i'll be looking for my dear intec boy,just in case if he's there,who knows kan? *hehehehe* so,wish me luck :)

it's me,little ain~

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