Assalamualaikum, people!

Wahhh it's been agesssss since I last visited my own page.

Whatever happens to you people?

Me? So many things happen to me. I had a job. I resigned. I got another job. And I'm about to resign again. Hehe. Oh that's life. I also throw away one person that I used to call a sister long time ago.

About the preparation for the big day. It's almost done I guess, Alhamdulillah. Just counting the days to come.

Am I ready? Oh don't ask. All I know is that I am so scared. Scared of everything. Scared of not being able to be a good wife to him. Scared of not being able to cope fast. And not being able to take care of the house. Oh speaking about the house, we got a beautiful spacious and fully furnished house to rent. Alhamdulillah, rezeki. Heee :D

Perhaps this is my last post as Single. I really am hoping that I can actively do blogging after this if you know what I mean hehe. Ohh I really want to resign, sit at home, cook for him and wait for him to come home from work and do laundry for him. Hahaha bagus tak idea tu? Gheeee crazy me.

Ok, people. I dont know what else to write. I'm not feeling well, tonsil and cough. Ujian Allah.

I will write again. Please bear with me.


it's me, little ain.


Hello all! :)

It's been ages since I last visited my own blog. But I promise I wont write long.

I am aware that I tweet a lot, and I do mean a lot. Whatever things that I tweet is everything that I feel, and I'm not lying about any of it. And I perfectly know that in doing so, I might have or I actually do hurt other's feeling which I never know.

But, let me tell you one thing here. You can say anything you want about me, about what I tweet, but I just can't help it. It's good that I don't have the courage to tell it straight to your face. But maybe that's the only good thing that I can do, is to be honest with myself.

After all, the art of saying things indirectly is still not my thing.

it's me, little ain~

Have faith in me.

It is so hard to convince you.

Don't you believe me?

It's me, little ain~

post hiatus

it feels good to be back and to write again.

it's me, little ain~


fiona gondut.

worth the wait

still afford to wait.

just can't afford to live without.

little ain~