i'm having difficulties to breath.
with every breath i take, i make sound.
my hands tremble for only God knows why.
my whole body shakes as the adrenaline rushes inside.
i can feel my heart pumps the blood and it smashes my chest real hard.
heavy breath, really.
i know i sound like i'm dying.
pathetic sungguh.
i was struggling in front ibu just now.
tried not to shed a single tear in front of her till my lips trembled.
felt like i failed her.
felt like i failed abah.
felt like i failed the whole family.
felt like i've sinned.

dear God,
i'm not finish yet.

it's me, little ain~

6 peeps' gossiping:

Mimi Dyana 沙美美 said...

Ain, jaga diri.

little ain said...

@Mimi Dyana 沙美美

makan ubat! :)

anish said...

ain..doa banyak2, Tuhan tgh uji ain tu k..

be strong! huhu

frogprincesz said...

you've failed nobody la ain...relax... ;)

little ain said...


thank you kak anish.

i will :)

little ain said...


i just felt like.

ouhhh this is so not good.