Nothingness #4

Hai people.

it's been days since my last entry, isn't it?
so many things to tell. but there are things that need my immediate attention.
i'll try to find some time to write everything.
i owe Fayad two entries.
my bestfriend, Azri Safirah, one entry.
Nik Arash one entry.
Kak Anish sayang, one entry.
i also didnt get the chance to wish June's people on their birthday.
oh God, i'm soo sorry.

got to go. dah nak Azan ni. by the way, this is my second day of fasting.
it feels okay.
but today, i'm getting tonsil. my throat is sore and it hurts to the max.
can't even swallow. i'm pretty sure fever is on its way.
it's been ages since my last fever.
anyway, better it happens now rather than bulan pose nanti, kan?

love you, people.

it's me, little ain~

2 peeps' gossiping:

anish said...

sy nampak nama sy disitu. ihik :p

minum air byk2 my dear :) get well soon :)

Anonymous said...

yup2..2 entry tau..cepat2 wat entry..:)