Assalamualaikum people.
happy saturday :)

last night i couldn't sleep until two. so i texted fayad about today's plan and she said she has posted something on on my facebook wall. i shut my laptop off last night because i couldn't get any access to the internet. so, i studied until one. then when fayad replied my text, i took my laptop and turned it on. at first, i thought it was serindit that did the 'good job', providing me with the connection that would make my life easier, but it was actually the chrome, the google and everything that gave me problems and headache. so i click on safari and thank God, i could access to the internet happily. and suddenly i found browsing the internet via safari is fun. hahaha kill me.  

so, last night when i logged in to my facebook account, i went facebook walking to some of my favorite friends whom have already started their practicum early this month. then, i saw Ida's status telling that she's worried about her father's condition now. he is admitted to HUKM due to kidney cancer. he had had undergone an operation, and now he's getting fever. this is so sad T_____T 

you know ida, my father has this errr problem with kidney too. but we don't know yet whether it's not that serious or it is. everyday i pray that it's just something minor, nothing that would hurt him and makes him suffer. he used to be admitted to the hospital three times if i'm not mistaken around february and march and it broke my heart to pieces. that time i was in here, uum. i couldn't see him, i couldn't go home because i didn't know about it. he didn't want me to know about this and he asked the family to keep this from me. you know, all i can do is cry and pray soon i knew about this. i always think that my father is my hero, the best father in the world. and he will always be there for me, for us, for the family every time we need him. so he has to be strong, be very healthy so that he would make it for everyone. but i know, that is so selfish of me to think that way, to think that life won't be so cruel and everything would go as perfectly as i planned it to be. i would die if anything happens to my father, seriously. 

so ida, what i want you to do is to be strong, and always pray for him. pray that God will keep your father safe and protect him from suffer and He would kill all the pain away. i know you have just started your practicum training and that would be too much to bear with, depressions and all. but i'm sure, you are a strong girl, you do stuffs that other girl can't do, so you can do this. be strong and keep holding on. i wish you, your family and especially your father, the very best. 

take care, baby! :)

it's me, little ain~

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Syahmi said...

leads us to the realization to appreciate and cherish our father more :)

little ain said...

so trueeeeeeeee :D