hai readers :)

it's me, again. this is my second entry for today. i'm sorry i just couldn't wait to tell you this. not about what i'm going to tell you like i said in the previous post. that one you will have to wait until sunday okayy :)
this is about something else. about my daten. my lovely, sweet daten. you know, the day i posted this post, she has just discovered the happy days widget at the bottom of this blog. so, she was thinking that i'm actually with someone at the moment and it has been two years where she found it on day 729. and you know what? the best part of this story is that, she actually posted an entry. nope. not one. but two entries. about it. about me. ohmaigucci! i was so shocked to see my link inside her blog. and the blog happened to be her tumblr, not blogspot. ohhh ain't it sweet? well, i don't want to simply put her link in this entry (just yet), but i'm going to copy every single sweet word that she has chose to be put inside her blog. thank you, daten. i love you so so much! :)

well, lets start with the first one.


Love needs passion. Love needs companion. Love needs you and I.

A friend of mine asked me one day do I have a boyfriend? I took a minute to think of the answer. He never cared. He never asked before. And I never said I had one. To be honest, I am happy you asked that. Now I know he cares about me too eventhough he knows I dont like his very new unintelligent girlfriend. And I want the whole world to know that he is my very very very only and lovely bestfriend ever.

Okay now different story. It has been two years they both have been dating together. I got the news on her 729 days. I wish I can hug her now and say congrats my lovely Ain!!

Anyway, I am single but not available.

see. sweet tak? siyes rase macam nak nanges tau bile terbaca this thing. ini pon aku ambik link kat fidjeet tau sebab daten link kan kat situ. then, ada someone yang klik on it, then aku boleh trace. kalo tak, takkan tau sampai bila bila pon. huuuu :D


move on to the next post.

I posted yesterday about my girlfriend celebrating her 730 days dating together. Actually, it was not meeting up somebody but having a relationship with her blog. http://icemocholatte.blogspot.com/ Oh soo shweeeeettt!!

An apology is the superglue of life. It can repair just about anything - Lynn Johnston.

Dear Ain,

Congrats on your 2nd anniversary! Hahaha. A very important date on your life, let your life will always full of happiness. Dont be scared. When it comes to love, believe in yourself ya. Never believe in Alexithymia! :)

Anyway, datin tertipu juga akhirnya. Hehe.

Lesson of the day: Never jump straight to the conclusion. Love you Little Ain!

hahahaha. i feel like crying and laughing out loud while reading this. how thoughtful. kann? 


well, what more can i say?
thank you tau daten for these beautiful entries. i wish i have a better way of saying thank you and i love you and how i appreciate this friendship. you know, those days were one of the best things that ever happened to me. they were just wonderful. i sincerely and strongly hope that we will stay this way. care for each other, though we are wayy apart. i miss you and friends. i do. InsyaAllah, i'll try to make it on 11th February and go to our ex faculty, to be with you. all of you. pray for me :)

quite an essay i made up here, isn't it? heeee :D so, before i stop, i just leave you daten's links for both tumblr and blogspot, so that you can visit her. she's a good writer, i can say. and uhh, you might also refer these two entries that i have copied, so that you can get a better picture about what i was trying to tell you. for the first entry, please click here and for the second one, click here. and this is her blogspot's link

until next time babies, please be patient waiting for my good news. 

p/s : dear daten, i believe Alexithymia will be haunting me forever until i wake up and realize how stupid i WAS (and still stupid) to let him go before.  

it's me, little ain~

11 peeps' gossiping:

frogprincesz said...

hehehe....yup2....sgt sweet... =D

anish said...

datinnnnn comel!
really hope to see ain reunion nanti. please please please come? :)

little ain said...


kannnnnn? hehehe :D

little ain said...

kak anish

kannn sangat comel entry nye. sob3! ;p

heeee bile kak anish yang cakap please, mesti macam nak cair je kan? hehe. InsyaAllah yang, i try. that days is suppose to be my last day at home because i'm still on holiday.

doa abah bagi permission to go :)

hoping to see you too, dear.

Chaireel Azizee Mohamed @ Ayub said...

wah.. seronok yea.. hehe.. great great..

byk ada dlm kepala skrg ni.. tapi.. tiada ayat yang mampu disusun.. hehe..

oh.. jangan menyesal lepaskan dia masa tu.. sebab.. mgkn itu akan jadi sesuatu memori yang best.. mcm perasaan rindukan someone dan pada ms yg sma dia pun rindu jgk.. bila jumpa dgn dia.. peh.. siyes tak terkata perasaan tu.. hehe..

p/s: ok dah melalut.. hehe.. tp nice entry.. entah.. rasa mcm "ala sweetnya la" hehe

little ain said...

okay inchek azizee

itu lain citenye too. org actually tak pernah kenal die. maksudnye, kami bkongsi faculty yang same je. then, org kena masuk uum, die fly sambung engineering kat uk.

then, oleh sbb org ade Alexithymia tu (plus malu sbb org kan pompuan, melayu pulak tuh) org pon buat tatau je kat die. haaa macam tu lah citernye,

tpi org setuju laa pasal jgn nyesal lepaskan die time tu dan org harap die pon rindu org camane org rindu die :)

haaa nah bace entry ni,


nanti boleh paham pasal kisah cinta tak jadi org ni. hahahaha :)

DrSam said...

Good to know that you are happy, cos that will make me happy too :0

little ain said...

oh DrSam. you're here :)

thank you for reading.

i'm happy because you're happy when i'm happy. hehehe :D

have a great day, doc! :)

forever love said...

wow kak ain..hope dapat apa yg diingin kn tu erk...

little ain said...

okayyy budak kecik! :)

asybedazzle said...

like this. :)