edginess in me. for unknown reason.

well, it's morning already. 

and i'm still struggling to death finish up my supper. nasi goreng kerabu. and it's terribly spicy. so, to stop the damn feeling, i was doing some blogwalking and ahhh, i've been tagged by my bestie. well, let's go and see what we got here, orait.

.apa benda paling penting dalam hidup anda?
well, frankly speaking, i need my father most. and ibu of course. i shall say that i need cash, as much as i need my parents. heee :)

.benda terakhir pakai duit sendiri?
never have money of my own.

.di mana tempat perkahwinan dan tema perkahwinan?
i haven't think about this. it never did come across my mind, but it's just nothing. i don't see myself married in the next 5 years time, i guess. huhu! :) 

.adakah anda sedang bercinta sekarang?
no, i'm not. longlive singletons. *feminist* ha ha! 

.berapa lama akan mencintai dia?

.novel, buku, majalah, anda beli.
i just bought Tony Parsons :  Man and Boy, Man and Wife, The Family Way. and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. love them!

.namakan orang yang anda nak jumpa.
my baby, Daniel Henney.

.adakah anda rajin basuh baju sendiri?
of course i do. hehe :) it's just, now it's raining season, so, i haven't done any laundry for the past three weeks. and i think i'm just going to pack them up and wash them at home. better this way. isn't it?

.dimana tempat yang anda mahu pergi?
home. my room. my bed. mine. 

.pilih satu, peluk atau cium?
do i have to choose? i need both. orang tamak selalu untung. muehehe :)

.beritahu tiga benda tentang orang yang tag anda
she's a girl.
she's normal and healthy. 
she's my sister-in-law bestfriend ever.
hahaha! :)

next to be tagged

p/s : salam maal hijrah :) 
p/s/s : i think i'm not myself tonight.
p/s/s/s : feel free to do this, every one.

it's me, little ain~

9 peeps' gossiping:

gaung said...

yes the bed is yours darling...not hers..hahaha

anish said...

awww me ade? hihik :P tengs! nk bwat lah. hee

awww daniel hanney!sukeeeeee

frogprincesz said...

hahahaha.... =P

little ain said...


yes... all mine LOL

little ain said...

kak anish

hahaha :) mesti ade punye. sebab kite kan same, suka buat tag. heee :D

yes yes, daniel henney. comel, kan?

little ain said...


XOXO jugak :)


♥ Misz Qila =) ♥ said...

hui , kite pun ade gakk ek ?? nnti kite buat eh kat blog kite . thnks sbb tag kite ;)

LiLohOnEy said...

omG omG omG!!!!!!!

kenapa beliaw ada di sini?

patotla xbalik2,, mu rupenye sekat beliaw T____________T

ohh hensem,, come to me baby..

ahaks! :DD

little ain said...

hahaha! no no no.

he's mine. forever.

ain kunci die, dalam bilik ain. buat peluk malam. muehehehe :DD