entry kosong.

0238am. silly insomnia happened to me. i can't even sleep and rest. my whole body ached so much and i was so in need to have good rest. wasn't thinking about a thing. nothing bothered me so much that need my full attention. stared at the ceiling and looked at my room mate. envy her so much. how could she sleep after all the nap she had during the day. oh.

0800am. got presentation this morning but i was absent to the class. i hope tan and ulka did well. i know, even though it was their job to present the assignment, but still, i need to be there. i'm sorry okay. didn't mean to absent on purpose. can't even open my eyes.

0930am. i ran to dkg 2 for finance class. and the class was canceled. and i sat on the bench outside the class and continue my reading, Mesengger of Truth, select editions, reader's digest. of course, i was a bit mad and frustrated because i had to run for a canceled class. on top of that, i was so sleepy and tired. so, best that i could do was sit and read.

1100am. so, only one class for today which was international logistics. continue my reading and had to stop due to pop quiz made by the lecturer. gagaga~ nothing important. just a simple quiz and for the attendance purpose. but still, one mark for every one who came to the class.

1230pm. i went back to my room. continue my reading. only last for half an hour, and eyes closed.

0400pm. woke up from bed and had my Zohor prayer, together with Asar. huhu sinful!

0430pm. replied faiz's message in facebook and had my lunch with my room mate, nasi lemak ayam petronas.

0530pm. then, made my way to uum intenational karting circuit, just to give abang jan an accompany. but, there was no one wanted to rent the fun kart today, so i went back to my college.

0600pm. and now, here i am, in college's lab, posting this entry. feel like posting something even though nothing interesting to be shared. nothing extraordinary happen. same. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week.

it's me, little ain~

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