for quite number of reasons, i've been acting the way i'm acting these days. i've been thinking a lot, observe a lot, and found a lot too. for some strange reasons, i think i'll pass about everything when it comes to you, or anything that relates to you. i know, we are not always in our best, are we? i mean, can we? the grass is not greener every where and every day, right?

i don't fancy watching and being in the situation that i am facing now. it makes me wanna puke like hell. it's like, i'm gonna have to seat for my final exam tomorrow first thing in the morning, but i haven't even get the chance to lay my fingers and eyes on the books yet, and the butterflies come crashing inside my belly and they turn all my organs upside down. well you know that feeling? no? seriously no? well, i'm sorry. maybe that's just me feeling that way. hehe. oh God, i'm suck at making jokes in english. haha. ouh please, that was not even a joke. i dont even know what's the relationship between the first line and not being able to read for final exams =.='

well, i gotta go. not wasting my time trying to challenge those spm candidates by writing an essay longer that they can afford to ;p i'm not in a good state but i do write this when i'm truly awake and sane, and maybe due to some imbalanced hormone at the moment. i shall write in my other blog (She Writes) to actually express the thoughts that i've been holding on for quite some time. once i did, everything is going to be okay afterwards. no worries, no offence. 

thanks for calling, last night. i miss you :)

p/s : well, the art of saying things indirectly is not my thing, yet :)

it's me, little ain~

2 peeps' gossiping:

LiLohOnEy said...

most welkam. kdt habis,xleh nk call balik.

sori sgt

little ain said...



it's okay lilohoney.

i should return your call actually, tapi ain pon takdop kedit gok. grrrr.

again, thanks for coming to my rescue :)