ain't it sweet? #3

"If you come back as a vampire, I'll stake you myself. So don't do it. Because I can't stand the idea of you hating me forever."

- Damon Salvatore, The Vampire Diaries, Season 2, Episode 21.


and now, I hate the idea that I am so truly deeply madly in love with this sexay guy. I just can't resist his good look and his charm. and you know what I hate the most is that, I have a paper to sit tonight and I'm still glued to the chair watching this Vampire Diaries and updating my cik belog.

talking about making my parents pround, huh?

it's me, little ain~

2 peeps' gossiping:

aleen aiden said...

muahaha.haishh,brani sungguh ye.multitasking xbley?tgn pegang buku,mata pandang tb.xlah rase bealah sgt kot tgk tb tu.keh3 :P

lame tahu xsinggah cni.haish!

little ain said...

@aleen aiden

aleeen! rindu nau ngan aleeen ni haaa. ain pon dah lame tak menjenguk ke sana. aritu kan exam. ni dah balek rumha, nanti ain gi nyebok kat blog aleen ehh :)