ain't it sweet? #2

Guy : I want you to know, I'm totally going to be a hands-on dad.

Girl : Okay *smiling*

Guy : Like, if the baby needs a bottle in the middle of the night, I will totally keep your side of the bed warm until you get back.

Girl : Thank you *smiling*

Guy : When do they start walking?

Girl : Uh.. a year?

Guy : We'd better get some baby books, because I plan on being the most overinformed dad in Chicago. No kidding.

*both laugh*

Girl : I'm happy right now *smiling*

Guy : So am I.

*looking at each other's eyes*

Guy : I love you.

Girl : I love you too.

- Michael Scofield and Sara Tancredi, Prison Break, Episode 22.


I can barely open my eyes. I've been crying since this evening watching this second last episode of Prison Break, season finale. I've been watching this episode for hundredth times, but still, it affects me in every way. It was very sad. Truly. And I've learned so many things by just watching this Prison Break, since its very first season till the final one. One thing that I should bear in mind that, everything in this world doesn't necessarily ends with happy ending. Life doesn't work that way. Life can be cruel to you. So, we better look forward and not turning back, expect the unexpected, get ready for the worst not only hoping for the good ones, and moving on. That's how we should live our precious life. Good luck! :)

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