of January

i'm going to need a pair of nike slipper.

i'm going to give padini a special visit.

i'm going to buy thattt adidas pants. 

i'm going to need a new mng cardigan.

i aim for gap jeans.

one whole set of ZA products.

and, a lip gloss from Body Shop.

well, this is my only wish list for January. i need them because i haven't done shopping for ages already. these are the only things that i can afford to buy at the moment because i am under my father's scholarship which is so super not cool and the fact doesn't allow me to shop like i am a daughter of somebody. i don't have what it calls, financial freedom.

speaking of which. i basically, do shopping. i love to shop but i don't call myself a shopahalic because i'm not. i only shop for things that i need, not things that i want. being a shopaholic is not something that you should be proud of, instead, it's an unhealthy obsession. what i'm trying to tell you here is that uh, "hello, i'm not kim kardashian" and i'm not paris hilton either. i don't do shopping like they did. they are crazey!! you can only call yourself a shopaholic like these two girls when you love to shop so much that you just feel the needs to buy every single things that you lay your hands on and of course, when you have the purchasing power, or in other words, money.  

because, no money, no talk lah.

so girls, go for shopping, but don't shop till you drop. shop wisely :)

it's me, little ain~

18 peeps' gossiping:

munirah ruslan said...

betul2, dont you shop till drop :)

little ain said...

haha! aku dah buat financial planning ni moon. InsyaAllah berjalan lancar. hahaha

[Miss Eriqa] said...

mak ai.. ko nie gila brand ke apa ain?? hahaha... shopping jangan tak shopping yea.. hahaha....

little ain said...

aku nak ganti selipar adidas tu, dah bosan ah. seluar tu pulak memang wajib seh.

cardigan tu je la boleh tak beli, tapi nak beli. heee :D
ni je yang aku mampu.

b.r.u.t.a.l.s.o.l.o said...

selamat tahun baru

sHa said...

hamboi bkan men lg diaa..
meh la tron usj!!!

Chaireel Azizee Mohamed @ Ayub said...

ha..betol betol..jangan shopping sampai rabak poketnya..hehehe

little ain said...

brutal solo

selamat tahun baru!

little ain said...

kak shakirah

nak nak nak :)

InsyaAllah okayy

little ain said...


hahaha takkan berpeluang nak rabak punye. bajet tight laa.


Chaireel Azizee Mohamed @ Ayub said...

wah...bgs..hehe....boleh la bg petua sikit camne nak kurangkan rabak di poket..hehe

little ain said...

spend only what you need, and do it wisely. heee :D

org study mane boleh belanje byk, duit takde. org dah keje lain la :)

Chaireel Azizee Mohamed @ Ayub said...

oh..xpe...dah keje nanti belanje la byk2..hehehe...

orang keje pun tak leh belanje banyak...nak simpan duit buat kenduri..keh keh

Mr. Swift said...

Hello! Tadi lepak sini kejap and ohh polo anda!
Btw lawa blog and happy new year!

Psst : Bloggis Comel Buat Perkara Tak Patut Jangan Tiru!

little ain said...


oo ye ye, lupe ah org tu nk cari isteri. chaiyok chaiyok!

little ain said...

mr swift

thank you!

happy new year. have a blast!

aleen aiden said...

woah,boley tahan besar jugak bajet belanjawan utk januari.hu3

little ain said...


haha! consider ni utk setahun laaa. mane la nak ade duit tiap2 bulan nak beli haa. tu pon y agak2 boleh dpt je tu.

kalo tak dapat takpe.