its mean and bitter and you are a bad guy

you are the meanest creature that God has ever blew life on. yes, you are mister!

though i've been pretending so hard to look strong, but i fail. again. you keep saying those harsh words, it kills me inside. how it hurts, only God knows. how you enjoy making me feel fragile and helpless.

i've tried to be insensitive that i won't take any of your word to the heart, but i can't.

we shall not be friends anymore. you don't know the real me, and i even barely know you. i hope this final year will end so fast, that i won't realize it is real that i am about to walk out of this beautiful place. and you will no longer be a friend of mine :)

at one point, i feel like slapping you real hard on the face.

you won't be the type of friends that I will remember in the future. i promise you that.

it's me, little ain~

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aleen aiden said...

its ok dear,those kind of people can never eat u alive.n those thing dat cannot kill u will only make u stronger than ever.
wah3...ckp omputih plak aku....hahah

little ain said...

hahahahaha cool!

it's true, indeed. what doesn't kill me, only makes me stronger.

thank you :)

FzaIbrahim said...

be patient dear..
life will not always treat u with happiness. there will be times that u have to deal with this kind of thing. well u know, meeting the wrong person in life who will makes u feel terrible about almost everything.
but yeah,it will leads u to a better place + destination somehow.

miss u darling.. :)

anish said...

wondering who is it...but anyway, u go girl! :)

u always have me whenever u need someone to talk to okay <3

munirah ruslan said...

wondering who is he too.. but anyway, live your life at the present and don't be disturbed by these emotional game. prove that you can succeed.

and that will be your payback to him, :)

FzaIbrahim said...

anis: n me.. :)

little ain said...
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little ain said...

fiza misae <3
meeting the wrong person in life. huuu sangat tepat sekali. thanks tau for those lovely words :)

little ain said...

kak anish

jangan pikir siapakah gerangannya. hehe :) i know i know. i always have you. muahhhh! <3

little ain said...

my mooniey :)

masheh tau moon. IsnyaAllah, i'm trying here, doing my best.

<3 <3 <3