this morning, after i posted the 'mau pulang' entry, i went back to sleep. during my half-conscious time, i was thinking a lot, about something. something that happened last night. it was so touching, but it wasn't about happy thingy. it was an awful thing. so bad that a guy wouldn't do to a girl.

last night, a friend of my room mate came to our room. she looked so tired and her eyes was as big as balls. i wonder what happened to her until she started telling us everything that happened last night, hours before she came over.

but i don't want to rewrite everything that she told us last night. it was so hard to believe. i cant believe my ears. and i wonder, how on earth could a guy acted so mean towards his girl. and to my surprise, this is not her first time. in fact, they have been together for 9 months time. and during this time, it happens. always.

i knew the guy. really, i knew him. a friend of mine. and as far as i concern, he never ever acted rude, nor cruel or mean or anything that shows his bad quality, *exceptions for his bad attitude that i know best* towards me.

and last night, i heard about something new. and it comes with proves. i don't simply believed her blindly. so shocked and mad. i heard of something new, another part of him that has never been revealed before. something that i never knew. totally a maniac, hot-tempered and scary guy. complete with all the negative qualities.

let me get this clear. i am not bias here. it's just that i feel shocked to hear all these things. because all this time, he has been so nice to me. so polite, such a good guy. but now, everything's change. i can't simply lay my eyes on him and talk to him like we did before,
i can't just act like i never knew anything and not thinking of anything bad about him.

i knew you now. everything that you have been hiding from me all this time. and i am so glad i knew it now. in fact, i thank her for coming to our room, and tell us everything. i will bear that in mind so that i won't forget every single word that you have said to her. all the curse words. all the bad words.


"don't judge a book by its cover". this is so true. we can't just simply said that the person is such a good person based on the appearance because everything is inside. Lord knows whatever that he is thinking. Lord knows that he is not actually who he is. the real him. and so do others.

a girl needs to be protected. not to be hurt. and you have proved that you are not her protector, never mind her friend or boy friend, never will her husband. in fact, you hurt her, threatened her, scared her off. you are such a moron and up-to-no-good fool!

it's me, little ain~

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